Wellies and a pallet breaker

We now have the supply of pallets we needed for the walkway. They are safely stored in Matthew’s home and awaiting use. The plan is to use at least some of them to construct a wooden walkway. It will span the distance from the Rietspruit, to the bottom of the land. This will then allow ease of access to the river with the pump. The water will be pumped uphill to a concrete irrigation pond which is being built.

The wellies

The wellies will be used on a daily basis by the men attending to the vegetable garden. They will also be very useful when setting up the walkway through the muddy wetland. The shoe sucking mud will not have anymore victims. It is heart-warming to see the appreciation for something as unexciting as a pair of wellies!

Pristine and unused at this point in time!
The final product ready for testing

The pallet breaker

We have numerous pallets and need the planks from these to construct our walkway. The internet is full of various designs and commercial units are available too. Our budget meant we needed to fabricate one and it was a reasonably easy build. We have more detail in the “How to” tab on the home page. Now we need to put it into action!

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