Upping production via Crossworm

We now have  substantial amount of stock and are seeing a few challenges that need addressing that are coming from the expansion of the size of production. We have two independent coffee ground suppliers plus the kitchen scraps but it will be challenging to keep feeding the current five farms. We will probably have to up the newspaper and egg carton intake a bit to balance this. We have ordered a PH and moisture conent measure so that we can start tracking these variables.

The coffee grounds have added the challenge of a sludge in the leachate collector and this may require a slight modification to the design by having an internal sieving mechanism. We also would like to be able to feed the worm-wee directly into the irrigation system via a venturi mechanism, but this will require a decent filter mechanism or else we will have a blocked system. We were fortunate enough to find a broken ultrazap housing, thank you Lord,  which may be used if we can source a new lid for it. In the meantime we will make a DIY filter using 110mm pipe , “brillo-pad ” and various textured sponges. If succesful we will detail the build on the site.


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