Towards self sufficiency

One of the long term goals at Cradle Ark is to become self- sufficient in terms of food production. Thereafter, we envisage ramping up production to try to create jobs for some of the individuals and to create a supply of food for the Cradle of Hope.

We have been trying to find crops that are relatively simple to grow, provide good nutrition and some variety to the diets of those who will be consuming them. Ultimately we would like to see fruit trees established. We will start with lemon trees and then try to get a few avocado trees established. These are longer term goals and they can only really take place once we have a reliable water supply and someone willing to ensure these remain well watered. They will be established within the confines of a very limited budget. We believe once trees are established and proven, that we will find the necessary donors.

Once we have a strong supply of vegetables, we would then like to focus on the protein side. The excess and unsuccessful vegetables, are to be used in the food chain to help produce the protein. The plan is flexible and we will be guided by the Lord’s provision.

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