The strengthening process -part 2 Rock solid

Although the container was nestled nicely above the three supporting walls we had built, prior to adding any weight to it, we decided to strengthen the supporting walls by building up the four corner pillars. The day started early with an enthusiastic , Vincent cleaning the existing foundations of all loose soil.

The bricks, cement and building sand had all been ordered from Baobab hardware and were scheduled to be delivered.  The team of five had been assembled  and began preparations for the building of the ramp structure.

Soon the ramp was evolving and it took a while but soon both pillars had been keyed into the existing structure.

A roving ice cream salesman dropped in and did some brief trade before the next pillars were tackled.





















Then it was off to the opposite end and the next two pillars. Finally after a long and dusty day, which included us running short of water for mixing the mortar, we ran out of bricks with only two layers still to be done.

Well done to the “A- team” Thank you Lord Jesus for another successful day.

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