The strengthening process- part 1

We have been focusing on the budget for 2020 and the planned implementation thereof. At the same time we are actively beefing up the supporting walls of the container before putting anything into the container for storage. It is a slow process as we are still carrying water to the site for any concrete or mortar requirements.

The real concern is focused on the door side where the building was not central to the foundation. We thus have thrown bigger wider foundations and will build both ramp walls as well as corner pillars.

The middle support wall which is not doing a lot at the moment will also get a widening and pillar strengthening and we will try make sure that all gaps are filled in to supply additional support.

Once we have the walls strengthened we will finalise the ramp and the ramp surface so that we can move some items into storage. We are grateful to the new volunteers who came to our assistance last weekend. God bless you

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