The Multiplier Effect

A Mighty God

1 Kings 18:33
 He arranged the wood, cut the bull into pieces and laid it on the wood. Then he said to them, “Fill four large jars with water and pour it on the offering and on the wood. 34 “Do it again” he said and they did it again. “Do it a third time” he ordered and they did it a third time.35 The water ran down around the altar and even filled the trench.”

A labour of love

I love writing this blog. I am always busy and it is always a case of “how will I manage to fit it in? “

This morning I started out with “the multiplier effect” What I wanted to demonstrate was an economic concept that a donated Rand ends up buying far more than just a Rand’s worth of goods. It has a disproportional impact. Take the chicken farming as an example. Somebody donated money to buy some chickens and chicken feed. We could easily source this outside the community at the CradleArk and it is tempting to do so. However, the chickens were bought from an internal supplier – Shadrack and the feed from Samson! The same Rand helped the chicken supplier, the new owner- Pastor Matthew and the farming !  The chickens produce eggs and a powerful natural fertiliser. The chicken droppings can be sold back or donated back to the farming! There is so much that can be achieved with so little!  All very exciting! My favourite CradleArk jargon – the “multiplier effect” and the “virtuous circle”. Remember these words so that you can grill me when we meet!

We often face overwhelming hurdles at the CradleArk. They could discourage even someone as stubborn as Edwin and I. Instead of asking “Why Lord?” we only need to look to scripture for the answer. God makes the impossible possible. The worse the circumstances the greater His glory. Next time you catch me moaning in a newsletter please remind me of Elijah demonstrating God’s power!

1 Kings 18 v38-39
Then the fire of the Lord fell and burned up the sacrifice, the wood, the stones and the soil, and it also licked up the water in the trench. 39 When all the people saw this they fell prostrate and cried , "The Lord ,he is God! The Lord, he is God!"

Progress in many areas

There is a lot of traction at the CradleArk currently despite the challenges and we thank the Lord for the progress. We have numerous sub-projects that are all moving along and it is pretty difficult to keep up. If you want to be involved, we can really use you. You are welcome to come and see what is happening and to see how you can help. This can start out on a temporary basis before deciding to commit to help for an extended period. That said there is no pressure and each one of you plays a unique roll already. Thank you for being there and for taking the time to read this. What use is a blog without an audience? If you can please pray for the CradleArk, for the Lord to guide us and for us to overcome the challenges we face for His glorification.

The Tarlton Livingstone Church

We have been blessed with a wonderful family that sponsors Bibles to our church at CradleArk. These are in various black languages as requested by Pastor Matthew. As they are limited in number printed they are very expensive and we are extremely blessed to be able to provide Bibles in the recipient’s home language.

Pastor Matthew requested a stamp detailing who the bible was presented to and on what date. We had the stamp made up and there has been great excitement and many of the bibles already handed out.

The Real purpose of the CradleArk Self Feed Initiative – “Daily bread”
The smile says it all

Pastor Matthew has started a Sunday school as well and we will see how we can support this.

To encourage congregants and children to attend we have been providing tea and coffee .

We occasionally provide biscuits and for any avid bakers out there that want to test their skills, we are happy to give you a chance.

I am doing the final finishing touches on the rocket stove that will make the boiling of the kettle a lot easier. It has been an extended project and has been refined a lot. The only thing it is lacking is insulation on the chimney but I haven’t yet scrounged the right sized metal drum! However, I think it is time for it to see service regardless !

The field

The field is gradually expanding and each visit shows signs of wattle having been removed and ground being cleared by digging with a fork. This is the toughest physical way to do it and has scared some of the newer volunteers.

The irrigated section gets bigger

We have been expanding the drip irrigation and are throwing a slab for the pump that keeps getting too dirty to run. I am also working on a mobile solar pump for the borehole. I have tasked Matthew with cleaning up around the intermittent borehole near the field, as this is part of our plan.

We have extended the drip irrigation manifold to run eight separate lines . As we keep getting frogs in the main feed we have added a plastic sieve to stop them getting into the pipe!

The irrigation dam outlet now guarded to stop the frogs

The Chickens

The chickens are producing eggs on a daily basis. In order to assist with the management of their food and water , we have made a gravity controlled chicken waterer which has sparked a lot of interest in the community. This is working well and we now are testing a couple of prototype chicken feeders.

Early days as we get the bits in the right place
The chicken waterer using a recycled HTH bucket for the basin
Water, water everywhere…

The community area

The solar lights

We will be installing three sets of solar lights and a gate for the original vegetable patch or possibly the well.

Undercoated at last

I am contemplating making a second gate at this point. The gates are recycled materials which have been donated by a sponsor who wishes to remain anonymous. Thank you for blessing us with all the bits and pieces which we are using up over time, from steel pallets , to broken hammers to hinges, to bolts and even numerous failed spray paint tins. It is all very useful.

Bright Star Hair Salon

We have ordered some of the equipment requested to set up the hair salon. The ground next to the CradleArk entrance has been cleared to accommodate the new business structure.

Ready for the build

The plan that is forming is to create a frame by using one of the trampolines that have been sitting unused in the container. We will then gradually add a floor and maybe even walls over time. However, we are keen to start.


  1. Great work.

    It is heartwarming to see the progress and all the new projects, despite the negativeness of some of the community members.

    Thanks Peter and ED for your unselfish work! – GOD BLESS

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