The Container positioned

Thank you Lord, for yet another, satisfying, amazing day. Thank you for supplying us with the best team from Jacobs Transport. What a professional, willing, knowledgeable duo. What skill and what a work ethic. Thank you Paul Matlasi and Julius Masilu .  You guys rock! Praise the Lord.

The day started early and when the truck arrived with Isaiah 5:20 emblazoned on the cab, I realised the Lord was re -assuring me of His involvement and support. Loading at the Rotary Humanitarian Centre , in Bedfordview under the watchful eye of Anne Murray, was a cinch, Thank you Lord ! Then we hit the road to Tarlton. It was a slow, long , hot , stressful journey keeping the container in sight and acting as pathfinder at the same time.  What excitement when the phone rang and Frikkie asked for directions. We had not expected him. Arriving at the Cradle Ark we found Nico already waiting, Thank you Lord for providing a specialist exactly when we needed him. You are an awesome God!

With the container standing on the supporting walls at Cradle Ark, we set off to Eldorado Fresh to load Matthew’s truck back. The Lord had stalled the confirmation of this donation to coincide with the delivery of the container! Upon arrival we faced a bleak picture with everything piled against the truck back. Conveyors, a tank and even four toilets had to be moved. Eventually with the help from Keith and his forklift and amazing smile, we were ready to load. Then back to the Cradle Ark. Alignment to match the long term vision of the church and community hall and finally all was in place.  Wow! Is this for real or a dream. So many prayers answered in a single day.


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