The Battle Plan

” I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.” (Phillipians 4:13)

” Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will succeed.” (Proverbs 16:3)


This is not a traditional business plan, it is a battle plan, written by a member of God’s army and under the command of the Lord Jesus. It follows Christian principles but is flexible enough for the Lord to guide us whenever we reach a perceived hurdle.

The plan is the formalization of two basic instructions:

1.) Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind and with all your strength. ( Matthew 22:37 Luke 10:27 Mark 12:30 Deuteronomy 6:5)

2.) Love your neighbour as yourself. ( Matthew12 :30-31)

Whilst it is easy to quote and refer to these commands, they are difficult to follow with our sinful nature and we are aware that mistakes will be made along the way. Some of these will be conscious and some accidental. We remain resolute and committed to doing the Lord’s will knowing that in our obedience, doors will be opened and the Cradle Ark will be a success beyond our wildest expectations and in being a success, it will lead to the further Glorification of God.

To do this in a small scale that we feel we are capable of and over a time frame that suits us, brings Him no glory, so the message is “Go Big or Go home!”

We believe in alignment with both the Vision and Mission of the “Cradle of Hope”.

Background and history

The Cradle Ark Self Feed Initiative (which was previously known as the Tarlton plot project and the Cradle Ark) kicked off in 2007 when the Cradle of Hope purchased a 14.1 Ha plot in Tarlton, with the assistance of donations from the founding-directors of the Section 21 Company. This plot was previously owned by Senator Johannes Willem (Jan) De Klerk, the father of former President F.W. De Klerk, winner of the Nobel Prize in 1993.

We believe that there is a very strong prophetic calling on this piece of land. Whilst the land is in a fertile, well developed agricultural hub and could be sold off easily and the proceeds used by the Cradle of Hope, we believe that God has a much bigger plan than that.

The Cradle of Hope has been assisting the residents with food, clothing and other necessary
items, as well as establishing small food gardens but has to a large extent been left ticking over, due to the continuous demands of multiple Cradle of Hope initiatives on personnel.

Our vision for the Cradle Ark

We would like to see the property transformed into an intentional community (almost a Kibbutz type setup but with a strong Christian ethos and set of rules.) and the residents empowered with the skills to live off the land and become self-sustainable. The set of “living rules” will however, be Christian based and those repeatedly not conforming will be censured by the community. The volunteers will try to the best of their abilities not to knowingly contribute to any untoward activities or behaviour.

The development of the land is going to take several years and be done in numerous phases and will require additional donor funding that does not dilute the funding required for the Cradle of Hope. We believe that a tipping point will be reached whereby the Cradle Ark will become self- sufficient and will be able to assist the Cradle of Hope in feeding those less fortunate, relying on the Lord (through the Cradle of Hope) for their daily bread. Any produce In excess to the Cradle’s requirements, will be sold off to generate funding and cashflow thereby allowing residents to be gainfully employed.

Implementation of the phases and sequencing of the phases will rely on the Lord’s timing and direction, through available personnel and funding. The plan presented below is thus a reflection of the direction we believe the Lord is guiding us in, however, will be flexible enough to be changed if He wants it to. A slight adaptation of the words of Pablo Picasso sums it up very well:

“Our goals can only be reached through a vehicle of a GOD GIVEN plan in which we must fervently believe, and upon which we must vigorously act IN ACCORDANCE WITH HIS WILL. There is no other route to success.”

Description of land and the staus quo

1.Farm name: Vlakplaats
2.Farm number: 160 IQ
3.Portion number/plot: 273
4. Project name: The Cradle Ark
5.Locality and region: Randfontein region- Mogale City
6.Size: 14.1505ha
7.Elevation: 1618m
8. GPS co- ordinates(gate): 26*06’45 13”S 27*39’55 14” E

There are three entrances to the property

The main entrance to the CradleArk

These have been badly neglected like most of the property. There is an abundance of exotic trees growing on the property as well as noxious weeds in the form of exotic spiked cactus. The property is relatively flat and at the bottom of the property there is a stream/wetland, the Rietspruit that is overgrown and neglected.

Large tree stumps are dotted around on the property.

An abandoned soccer pitch is situated just below the top blocked borehole.

There are four boreholes on the property, two of which has been filled in. (the fourth at this stage has not yet been located) The pumps have all been stolen and they are not in use and at this point there is no indication of what is usable and not. The blocked borehole at the South eastern side of the property has a circular cement dam that has been neglected and currently has trees growing out of it. The pump house next door has been taken over as housing.

Borehole adjacent to cement dam

Water is being delivered to a 2500 litre Jojo tank

The weekly water supply is delivered by truck

and several “porta-loo’s“ have been provided by the council. The families are presently housed in the existing buildings on the farm which are to a greater extent very run down.

There are signs of attempts to grow various vegetables and there are numerous chickens walking around and the odd chicken enclosure. The lack of water supply clearly has resulted in these attempts being severely limited and despite being a sever challenge will remain a key focus area as so much hinges on it.