Tackling the broken glass in the borehole

The borehole has been a source of frustration for some years, It was a case of senseless sabotage resulting in the community being completely reliant on delivered water. Whilst the bare essentials like cooking could be covered this way, any additional use for building or watering vegetables, was frowned upon. Each project that was tackled was done so by manually delivering a supply of water and this was very inhibiting.

We had tried various methods previously but these had made little difference. Even the auger seemed to slide off the broken glass then miraculously it penetrated. We wiggled and turned , lifted the auger, violently pulled it out until little by little , the level dropped. Eventually we were down just over a metre with no glass left. Praise the Lord. Ideally we need to go another metre down but we hit a solid brick or rock which would not budge.

Lessons learned

When we return we will try to break the rock by dropping a steel crowbar onto it, Either break it or dislodge it. We will also take a powerful torch to see what we are doing. We also need a rope with 1 metre knots to measure the depth of the borehole when we get past the obstacle. The 100mm diameter auger worked but a better custom fit might have made the job a bit quicker.

Pastor Matthew in action with the auger

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