Supporting walls for container built

In itself, Saturday’s build was a clear demonstration of the Lord’s timing, provision and support. The day started early and arriving at the hardware at eight left us sitting waiting for the store to open. (most unusual and this did not seem to be a good start) We then ordered and paid for all the materials and they promised to deliver. Then the waiting and clock watching and questioning of why is this thing not running smoothly? The two builders (bricklayers?) arrived with a third person to help. We had asked for only three guys for the day to minimize costs and knew it was going to be a long hard day’s work. We did not want to leave without the walls being done as we wanted to know that we would be ready after this weekend. A fourth then came to help and we grudgingly agreed.

The set up was quite slow and we realized we had not brought some essentials, we had assumed “the builder” would supply. We had to cut a few straight branches and the guys went off in search of mortar mixing boards , levels, trowels, a builders line and uprights. We were not too stressed yet as all the materials hadn’t yet arrived but it was getting later and the clock was ticking fast. Everything was moving really slowly and we began to worry that we would not finish. The materials arrived in two loads and the building began in earnest. It didn’t take long to see that the team were not specialized builders and that it was going to be a long day. However, we managed to have at least a reasonable quality control but progress was slow.

We decided to build the highest wall first and then to match the next two walls to this to get the levels right.  The mood was good and the team was working hard. An older gentleman then shouted as he walked past. We did not follow what he said but he came to look at what we were doing and then headed off. We asked what he had said but nobody volunteered an explanation! The looks on the teams faces clearly indicated that he had told my team that their building sucked !

A little while later he returned having changed into a T shirt. We greeted him and he then moved the two bricklayers aside and stopped the process. He then measured out the walls by placing bricks end to end, and  clearly told the team that they were a driver and a welder not builders (which they were). Then he took over and we realized the Lord had sent him to help. (This was an unpaid volunteer) We have never seen such incredible fluid movement. The mortar mixers and brick carriers could hardly keep up. The bricks were perfectly spaced and no mortar was dropped or wasted. It looked like he was dancing as layer upon layer grew rapidly. When he started we had a third of the first wall done by a little after two. Then two other youngsters came to help (also volunteers)

By four thirty all three walls were standing! Thank you Lord! The slow delivery and slow start had ensured that we had not done too much “damage” to the build!

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