Spring and a bit of rain already

Well spring is certainly in the air! Trees that had no leaves a week ago are covered in small green buds and it is time to do some planting. We thank God for this beautiful time of the year and for bringing us through the cold and dry part of the year. We already can be grateful for the first rains that He has provided.

There have been a few areas that have needed attention in the trust relationship with the community at the Cradle Ark and this has to some extent, re focused the attention on the Cradle Ark prototype and various historical items that needed following up, as well as small projects that could be undertaken on the sidelines, for the benefit of the Cradle Ark in the longer term.

A very useful meeting with the Ward 30 councilor, Mr Dikgang Sithole,  has taken place and a follow up meeting with him and the community has been scheduled. The planned outreach for 4 Ways United has been postponed until October, to ensure complete alignment with the community’s wishes and the volunteers proposed work day. We appreciate Mr Sithole’s efforts to facilitate these meetings in his busy schedule.

The next batch of Bibles has been ordered and we look forward to being able to give these to the community. Thank you Lord for the privilege and thank you to the donor from 4 Ways United Church.

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