Separator Toilet UDT

Part of the longer term strategy of creating a virtuous circle is to be able to grow reasonable quantities of duckweed that can supplement the diet of both the rabbits, chickens and fish. However, the interest runs deeper than that as urine is cleaned and converted by duckweed which thrives on this “fertiliser”. That said in order to process the human waste there are two approaches which are under consideration and which if successful could lead to symbiotic processes.

Firstly we need to build a UDT or Urine diverting toilet.(aka a separator toilet) I have found a DIY  explanation which looks feasible in the archives of a Dennis Donahue Blog. This will result in the separation of the solids from the urine. The urine will be diverted to a pond which has duckweed growing in it and the process refined.

This leaves two possible uses of the solids. The first is as a food source for worms. Once again the efficiency of the BSF versus the red wrigglers will have to be ascertained. The other possible use is to create a biogas generator which can be used to harness the biogas for cooking or heating of water. The final by product of the biogas will be run through both worm types to test this idea.

As part of this development we would also like to try to manufacture a shower enclosure using two flowbins joined together in the middle. A recycling/reuse of this water through a grey water alternative/ filtration system will also have to be explored

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