Rocket stove upgrade -part one

Almost a year ago we built the first rocket stove to test at CradleArk. It worked well and hearing the roar of the wood burning was very satisfying and testing it at home a lot of fun. Initially it was a classic L shape.

The early CradleArk rocket stove prototype

Even just trying it at home, as a fun piece of outdoor equipment, pointed to a larger burn chamber requirement. This modification was made. It had the desired effect but we acknowledged that a different way of making it would probably be required in the future.

The early rocket stove with a bigger burn chamber

The final home tweak was to add a coffee tin around the chimney, fill this with perlite for insulation, and then to deliver it to the Cradle Ark for real testing in a community which would use it for daily survival. It was very well received and created a lot of interest and excitement but over time the novelty wore off. The positives that came through included the use of less wood, less smoke and quick to heat up. The negatives were more time consuming and focus required to keep it lit, the burn chamber filled with ash diminishing the rocket effect and it could only do one pot at a time.

Due to all the other sub projects we did not immediately build a more “Cradle Ark suited” rocket stove but rather kept thinking about alternate materials. Enter the scrapped gas bottle rocket stove build of 2020. We will incorporate a “self-stoking” material feed chute as per some of the other designs, a larger burn chamber , a method to clean out the ash and a larger cooking surface. Details to follow in a later post and maybe even on the “how to:” menu.

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