Rocket Stove – the first attempt

The prototype rocket stove skeleton  is up and running. It is a design borrowed in bits and pieces off the internet and although functioning, will require some tweaking to make it more efficient in terms of heat delivery

The idea behind it is that it is a very efficient usage of wood and will be very useful at the Cradle Ark. If it impresses the community , then perhaps an individual with welding skills could manufacture and supply them to interested parties and thereby create a small form of employment.

The skeleton was built to try to minimize amount of work and input cost. Ideally it should be insulated and the number of legs reduced as the initial placement of the legs was not ideal. The current burn chamber seems a little small and awkward to keep filled with material. Thus the current thinking is to cut away the existing “corner structure” and replace a second piece of square tubing above it, thereby effectively doubling its size.  This should also make the lighting of the fire easier?

Once the “reasonable efficiency ‘ is achieved insulation will follow. The current idea is to use an old paint tin with insulating material- vermiculite or perlite and then compare the skeleton heat , with the insulated heat and see if the extra effort/cost is worth it.

In the longer term a much larger heating unit will be produced to benefit the warming of the church building? The heater could also be used for the warming of the hoophouse/aquaculture during winter.

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