The year has run quickly. This is probably the last posting for the year that I plan to make. In doing so I am reminded of a challenging question my pastor Steve has asked on numerous occasions at the beginning of a year:

”What is it that you are going to do for the Lord this next 365 and a quarter days?”

It’s an accurate measurement but it’s always the quarter day I think about! As the project carries on, by January the two quarters will have become half a day and it is amazing what can be achieved in half a day with the Lord’s help!

It is in our nature to start something very enthusiastically and then to lose speed as we face various challenges. What I find amazing is the Lord’s perfect timing and re assurance that He often gives to me when I most need it.

Take the container as an example. This has been a long time in the making and has been quite a challenge.  Whilst the Lord often oils the wheels of progress and it is easy to feel His presence at these times, there are those when you can start to wonder if you are doing something that He doesn’t want?  Two beautiful examples come to mind both involving the container.

Whilst waiting for the container and trying to align the logistics in my head on the day we moved it. I was thinking what will the traffic be like, how will I get to the Cradle from a completely different suburb 70 kilometres away,  will the walls that we had been forced to build so quickly, be strong enough to support the container, will there be enough time to load both containers on the same day, will the second container be accessible enough to load, will I be able to manage the entire process on my own and so many other questions.  I had to rewind, remind myself that the project is to the Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ and that His hand is upon it. Feeling a lot more settled I waited for Jacob’s transport to arrive reminding myself that although I had chosen the company based on the best quotation, the Bedfordview Rotarty Humanitarian Centre had recommended the same company and thus my decision had been re- affirmed by the Lord. Then the truck arrived , I took one look at it and my heart filled with Joy. This was too good to be true!

Then a phone call from two unexpected sources to say they had taken time off to assist me. Even more amazing one of these people had previously been in a container linked business and knew the team personally? God is just great!

On the last visit to the CradleArk, Edwin pointed out to me that something had been scratched onto the container- reference to a verse Philippians 2:4

Again the affirmation that we are doing what he Lord asked of us.

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