Worm farms and “Rattus Norvegicus” aka The Norway or brown rat

A new problem has developed in the worm farms. A rat has discovered the food source and this could also point to problems in the future at the Cradle Ark.

As we do not believe in poisoning them a mechanical means of disposal shall have to be found. Rats require approximately 30mm of water a day. Thus the ant moats https://cradleark.co.za/the-worm-farm-moat/  may need to find a more suitable liquid to isolate them from ants as we will need to remove the water source, clean up access points and tighten up on the lids. We have found that the black metal spring clips for paper are the most effective and simple way of keeping the lid on, as the plastic clips tend to break relatively soon.

This also suggests that the breathing hole in the original design is not suitable as the screens which we used are easily pushed out, so an improved newer version needs to be designed and implemented.

Whilst we do seem to be getting the attention of more neighbor-hood cats I would ultimately like to try get an owl box installed and this could be a useful feature at the Cradle Ark if we can ensure nobody uses poisons there, easier said than done.

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