Progress with the Cradle Ark prototype

The Cradle Ark prototype (or mini Cradle Ark) is also progressing slowly. The worm farm has expanded to run 5 double containers. The lids have been upgraded, red viewing lights added and the next development will be the filtration system. An in line mechanical filter will remove major particles and the various boxes will contribute to a central collector. A small solar pump will the raise the filtered wormwee to an elevated container with a duplicate water container where the wormwee will be diluted on a 1:1 basis and this will , then be gravity fed into a drip irrigation system. The level within the containers will be controlled by float switches.

The battery box located in the shed has a 220v fall over switch to enable it to run off both mains power and solar (although it is running as pure solar presently)

The NFT/aeroponic spray hydroponic system will  soon be attached to the “solar generator” and a short cycle timing mechanism attached. It will initially be run for a period using traditional hydroponic chemicals and then for a test period initially using just worm wee .The shade cloth has already been added to the frame to reduce some of the impact of the sun.

The sump for the aquaculture and aquaponics, which will house approximately 8000 litres if required has been dug and now needs to be built in. The digging has provided endless entertainment for the kids and although a mammoth task they will be sad when it is bricked in.

Once the sump has been finalised our attention will then be focussed on the hoop house build so that we can try increase production whilst simultaneously testing and developing various components.

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