Ploughed Land -a long way to harvest

This week marked a historic point in the CradleArk self feed Initiative in that we ripped, ploughed and then disked 1hectare of land situated close to the Rietspruit. Firstly we thank the Lord Jesus for this opportunity, then we thank our mother organisation The Cradle of Hope. We thank Levante farming for the hire of both their driver and all the equipment and finally we thank Samson and Matthew for tackling the clearing of the trees. Now I do remember stating in an earlier document that our approach would be “go big or go home” but this definitely is the start of bigger things. One hectare equates to 100 metres by 100 meters and is a substantial growing area.

Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant. If they watch every cloud, they never harvest. – Ecclesiastes11:4

The tractor on its way to the Cradle Ark
Early days – the soil after ripping just waiting to be ploughed
A dusty noisy job of ploughing
Rich, fresh ploughed land. Wow is this the same piece of land?
The wetland on the bottom border
The enthusiastic CradleArk team

We now have a ploughed field and a team chomping at the bit, to start planting. We humbly ask the Lord to guide us and assist us in feeding the hungry. Let us continue to do the work preparing the land for His harvest!

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