Naka Ye Denga Apostolic Church

We visited Jester yesterday to measure up the church building and to see what we need to prioritise in terms of refurbing the building. Whilst the walls are relatively strong , the safety of an unsupported,flat corrugated iron roof , with the pooled water from a heavy rain, showed us that this is the first major undertaking. Whilst we were there we also took the time to visit two of the boreholes. Both had been filled with rubbish but the second did not seem to be as compacted, so we will focus on this in coming months. We also measured up the required crossbeam for the soccer goals.

The previous day had been spent welding and painting the frame for the sign so kindly donated by Signforce’s Arnold Pollak. Thanks Arnie. as you can see below the technical help was a bit challenged but the end result was fantastic.

We were thrilled at our reception and the volunteers who came to assist with the planting of the Encedweni Educare Centre sign. This is the first small but noticable impact that we have had and it was very exciting. Thank you Douglas and Benjamin for the help. God bless you.

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