Nail biting stuff as we continue trying to salvage the borehole

The borehole , deemed the highest priority, has certainly been causing headaches. We returned today armed with an improved pipe grabber. The modifications included making the diameter bigger and a more angled throat for feeding the offending pipe into the grabbing arm. Borehole salvage is not for the faint hearted.

Motivation and new ideas

It has been a while since our last attempt to get to the offending rod that had been dropped down the borehole. A lot of thinking had gone into the new design and confidence levels had improved. As we drove to the Cradle Ark there was a sense of anticipation but with a realistic but optimistic tone. Our immediate task was to cut back the undergrowth as the borehole was no longer in site. We then lowered the tool into the hole and two metres down it got stuck. There were immediate suggestions to force it past the offending structure but fortunately sanity prevailed and we after a lot of effort manged to free it and bring it to the surface. It was apparent that the casing had been inserted in such a way as to have numerous steps. Thus the internal diameter was smaller than the surface diameter !

The modified pipe grabber

Plan B

We then tried a hook that we had borrowed.

The borrowed pipe hook

My maglite was duct taped to the hook and down it went. After many minutes we hooked the edge of the casing and everything was stuck at the bottom of the hole. Fortunately I had not taken up the offer of using a friends Go Pro! After many anxious moments and hours later we managed to get this contraption loose and out of the hole. In the retrieval we checked and there was no water at the bottom of the hole. Perhaps the Lord is directing us elsewhere? Our next attempt will be on the other blocked borehole!

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