Modifications to The CradleArk prototype worm farms

One of the irritations which arises when running a worm farm is the invasion of the farm by ants. In theory they are easy to get rid of by simply increasing the humidity of the worm box effectively driving them out. Whilst this does seem to be a solution , they invariably return. Thus a physical barrier of sorts is appealing , to stop the re-infestation. We have lifted the worm farms and now placed the feet into a tin filled with water and a drop of liquid soap to break the surface tension. It will also be necessary to keep topping up these tins as the water evaporates. No sooner had we  placed the feet into the food tins and the thought that a plastic bucket might be a better suggestion. Care would obviously have to be taken not to pierce the plastic floor with the feet which do support a considerable weight. (estimated at between  250kgs and 325 kgs depending on how much worm wee is stored under the double basins.

Whilst elevating the feet to allow placement of the containers it became apparent that a further elevation would benefit the gravitational flow of the worm wee through the mechanical filter. With sufficient elevation the filter could feed into a sump container with then could be pumped up to the even more elevated mixing container.

The lifting with the worm farms full will be a tricky affair and a jack will be used to allow this process to happen. At this stage the plan is to allow the supporting table to stand on an elevated platform made out of four bricks. Time will tell whether this is a reasonable effort.

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