Listening to God

Isaiah 30:23
He will also send you rain for the seed you sow in the ground, and the food that comes from the land will be rich and plentiful.

Wow, what a day and what a week! Thank you Lord for everything.

We’ve had our first rain at the CradleArk for this year. The difference this year , is that we have a crop in the ground ! The rain has new meaning, new life at the CradleArk , new relationships and a refocus on the Lord and His plans for the Ark. What an amazing exciting time in the middle of a world wide pandemic and dealing with loss of loved ones. What a caring, loving, all knowing Saviour!

I am not even sure when I last updated the blog because everything has been happening so fast at the CradleArk. From the turning of the soil, to the planting, things have just been flat out, so I apologise for not giving regular feedback.

I have several issues that are pressing at home. These include a roof that’s leaking over my son’s bed, a geyser that lost its cover, a leak in my upstairs patio, the packing up of a house and lots of unfinished DIY. I was convinced that I would take a break from the CradleArk this weekend, let the team carry on and attend to my own issues.

God’s direction

Edwin had promised some maize seed but we felt there was still time to get it and it was not a priority. While we were speaking on Wednesday, Ed asked me to source some and whilst he still was on the phone I accessed

The experience of ordering and paying was seamless and the next day the seed was delivered to my house. Thank you Retha, what amazing service. Now I had the seed but still no immediate plan to go to the CradleArk.

15kg of white and yellow maize seed

Then God sent the rain. I had also ordered more drip tape for the vegetables and this arrived on Friday. Then Albertus told me he had rations form for the team. Friday night and early Saturday morning I managed to fabricate a stand for our rain gauge. It was a wild rush and my hands were still green with paint as I drove to the CradleArk.

Rain gauge pole with surface to allow for recording of rainfall

Mood swings

When I arrived at the Ark my mood lifted. The signs of good rains were everywhere and even from the main road, I could see two small figures working hard in the field! As I arrived I was blown away by the amount of work the team had done. Almost a third of the field had been ridged with hand hoes! Ready to plant whatever maize I had brought with me! Co- incidence? I do not think so.

Matthew and Samson enjoying a hard earned Switch

Then to the bad news! Somebody had stood on the irrigation line filter. It had snapped it off and let most of the water run out of the irrigation pond! No water had been available for our small seedlings! Thank you Lord for the rain. I had bought a second filter when we still planned to run a line straight from the Rietspruit. This was on hand in the irrigation kit, so I repaired the damage. Thank you Lord for bringing me to the CradleArk with the spare just when it was needed.

Filter broken off main irrigation line

More planting

Samson and Matthew planted the maize and I worked on the vegetable garden! When we first ploughed the field I never imagined filling it with seed in one season. I cannot wait to see the maize peeping through soon.

White maize seed is actually red in colour. Look at those rows!
First signs of the underlying seed potatoes

The beans are growing fast but we have lost some to cutworms! The potatoes from have come through. I have really had excellent seed supplied by Sean and the Livingseeds team. The spinach seedlings Sarel Liebenberg supplied us have settled nicely. We are still planting spinach as we extend the drip tape irrigation!

I added another row of spinach and a row of radishes!

Little by little the vegetable garden is filling!

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