make Cable Brackets for the easy angle grinder rack

This is the fun part and very easy to do if you have either a bender or a vice.

Start by cutting 3 pieces of flatbar (as we have 3 grinders with untidy cables) You can make these any size you like but I made mine 220mm long as this fitted the offcut that I was using.

  • Round the edges nicely using a grinder or grindstone.
  • Then mark 200mm in 400mm in from the edge.
  • Align your bend carefully and bend a 90 % on the inner two lines to create a u shape.
  • Then bend an outward 90% at the outer marks.


Turn this over and attach to your welding bench or grinder stand.

You can now tidy up your cables

Picture showing the application of the brackets to tidy up the angle grinder cables
A safer neater approach

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