Make an angle grinder rack easily

If you are lucky enough to have multiple angle grinders it is a pleasure to switch from cutting, to grinding, to wire brushing and then to sanding without having to change the disc each time. Fun , fun fun but very cluttered and muddled. In a workshop clutter invariably leads to safety issues and irritation as everything gets tangled. To avoid this problem follow the step by step approach in how to make a grinder rack easily

Making the rack shouldn’t take more than half an hour. All you need is a suitable piece of sheet metal, two short pieces of angle iron as sides, a steel punch and hammer, a hole saw, your angle grinder/s and your welder. Please remember your safety equipment. I somehow manged to get some “steel dust” behind my glasses and it was a good wake up call. Fortunately no real damage done. The steps are quick and simple:

  • mark the spacing of the holes you wish to drill. Make sure that you leave enough space for the handles if you always leave these attached to your grinders
  • drill the holes with a hole saw. I used a 57mm but a similar size is good enough

Cut off the excess with the grinder

Deomonstarting how easily the angle grinder rack profile is achieved with a single cut
Angle grinder rack profile after single cut

Weld on the sides

To demonstrate the addition of the angle iron sides
The sides of the angle grinder rack giving space for the angle grinder head and disk

Attach to your weld table or stand

Grinder rack spotted onto welding table
The finished angle grinder rack spotted in place

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