Make a worm farm

The worm farm concept is relatively straight forward. The worms are fed the kitchen scraps and produce castings and the leachate both of which are very effective as an organic fertiliser. Various containers can be used, the easiest being plastic as there are no side effects due to container deterioration. The plan being to utilise both of the fertilisers for the vegetable growing, as well as the worms as a food source for the fish at a later stage. The worms will also be used to process the solid wastes from any excess feed and any trimmings from vegetables being grown.

Tools and materials required

To make the farm you need the following tools:

a piece of 100 grit sandpaper
a 25mm hole saw for the tap
a drill
an 8mm drill bit
a Stanley knife

Materials required:
two black meat trays
a plastic tap
a tube of black silicone

The food and worm level

Turn one of the containers over and using the drill and 8mm bit drill numerous holes into the bottom of the container to allow for drainage. These can be spaced approximately 50mm apart .
Clean off the excess sharp edges using sand paper and the Stanley knife where necessary. (Be careful with the Stanley knife it is very sharp)

The leachate collector

Using the 25mm hole saw drill a hole for the tap. Insert and tighten after sealing with black silicon. Allow to dry

Finally the finished product