Make a simple solar bracket

  1. This is not the only way and is just a quick, cheap and easy way to attach a solar panel to a suitable pole for supporting the panel in such a way as to have maximum sun exposure.
  2. The materials used are a combination of what was immediately available on hand and what could be purchased and then easily adapted to the project on hand to save a bit of time and effort.
  3. Materials (4x) 6mm x25mm bolts and corresponding nuts, a length of aluminum angle, two L shaped brackets and a waterpipe repair of the size to match the pipe which you want to attach to, plus cable ties.
  4. Tools required are thus really simple- a pencil/marker, a size 10 spanner, a rivet gun with 4mm rivets , a drill with the necessary drill bits 6mm and 4.5mm , a hacksaw and a metal file . If you do have a drill press this and vice this makes the task even simpler.
  5. Start off and cut two pieces of aluminum angle to the size of your solar panel. Drill them to match the holes on the solar panel frame.
  6. Then take the 2 L shaped brackets and drill the “waterpipe repair” to accept these so that they form a flat T to accept the top aluminum angle.
  7. Rivet these to the waterpipe repair.
  8. Then attach your pipe bracket/t piece combo in the middle of the top aluminum angle  using rivets.
  9. Cut two supports from the aluminum that run from the two brackets to the bottom cross piece.
  10. Attach using rivets.
  11. You now have an angled bracket that is un-adjustable. You can stop here if you like.
  12. If you want it to be able to have an angle adjustment then simply drill out the two lower rivets.
  13. Take a marking pen and as you bend the bracket to change the angle , mark the path of the external hole on the underlying bracket.
  14. Drill several holes along this path
  15. Take a small round file and remove the metal in between the holes.
  16. Repeat on the other side.
  17. Place bracket back on pole and drill/cut a hole through the pole aligning with the curved hole you have created.

Use a small bolt with a wing-nut or a plastic enclosed nut to be able to tighten the bolt and adjust it as required