Gathering momentum

Everything was planned. Meet at 10h00 in Edenvale and collect the welding table. Offload it at home and then drive to Bryanston Bible Church (BBC)and collect the pristine chairs  (why 40?) and  carpet (why a piece of carpet?) , take this home and offload for storage and all will be fine. All the arrangements made and at 9h30 a sudden call asking to move the welding table collection to 11h30. Don’t ask why just trust the Lord. “He will make your burden light” and you are “only the clay”. Arriving at BBC at 10h00 and loading the first 20 chairs. Only 20 in the first layer of the trailer, Add a layer of carpet (aha!) and  20 fit perfectly in the next layer.  Fourty chairs fit exactly (aha!) in the trailer. Offload them and head to Edenvale arriving exactly at 11h30. Try to move the welding table with two people. Is it cemented in? No just very heavy, so heavy that after nearly an hours struggle we decide to take it straight through to Cradleark! There is no chance of offloading it and trying to lift it a second time. Thank you Lord for re-organising our schedule so perfectly. Thank you Mario for a solid,heavy welding table. Thank you BBC and Meryll and Heather , for your assistance. We cant wait to install these chairs in the new church building. God is amazing. We were so disappointed when the plastic chairs we requested did not come through that we bought a few. (Our strength not his. This created tension in the community so we decided not to buy more.) Now the Lord provided so much more than we could ever have imagined or asked for!

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