Expanding the planting and drip irrigation

"At the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up" (Galatians 6:9 NIV)

It has been another successful week in the field at the CradleArk. The team has been incredible and Samson and Matthew managed to ridge the other half of the field. They then planted it with the yellow maize seed finishing by Wednesday. On Thursday the Lord provided us with 21mm of rain.

Joyce’s birthday

Yesterday (Saturday) would have been my mom’s 92 birthday so it was a bittersweet day.

I woke up early and headed for the CradleArk as I was hoping to meet a potential donor of some security fencing. It did not start well with a mobile phone with a flat battery and load-shedding kicking in. On the way I stopped at Chamberlain’s in Struben’s Valley. Wow! Quite an impressive shop. I picked up 200 metres of 15 millimetre LDPE pipe at a very good price and proceeded to the CradleArk.

I had to take the seedling trays back on Wednesday evening so had just over 200 spinach seedlings for planting . Thanks again to Sarel for the seedlings and for bringing them all the way out to the CradleArk. When I saw how far away you stayed I realised what lengths you had gone to for the Lord and His project.

I finally found a source of drip irrigation fittings in White River and Francois at http://www.plasticman.co.za was very helpful. I only expected the fittings to arrive this coming week so was pleasantly suprised when I got home on Friday and found the fittings waiting! That prompted the rushed visit to buy the mainline pipe so we could tackle the new area.

Bulk drip tape fittings

Samson and Matthew started with planting the spinach seedlings whilst I tackled the expansion of the drip irrigation. I installed the manifold with 5 taps connected. Ed arrived and set to work making the wooden frame which we will use to cast a concrete base to properly secure the manifold and inline filter.

Planned planting

We then set about doing the drip irrigation for a large pumpkin patch and a second for butternut, squash and hubbard squash. I did a quick replant of some of the beans with seed my mom and I had bought from the co-op down in Humansdorp. A fitting tribute to her on her birthday.

We are fast running out of space to plant. We will try finalise the drip irrigation for the remaining piece , God willing, this coming weekend.

New widely spaced drip tape for the pumpkin planting area

The expansion and the amount planted has exceeded our initial expectations. We are really grateful for the extra effort put in by both Matthew and Samson. They are planning on planting the pumpkin and butternut this week but are crying out for compost. Once we have compost, we plan to start planting at least some of the avocado trees. We will also be starting our own compost heap and that will be a great addition ! Another tiring but successful day expanding the planting and drip irrigation.

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