Developing the 12v Solar central control box

The CradleArk prototype is being developed to try to function off 12v systems as there is no electricity available at the CradleArk in Tarlton. Thus whilst it would be a lot easier to rely on 220v in the prototype we have gone the other route.

We have started with an electrical housing which will ultimately house the full control system of both the vermiculture as well as the testing of the hydroponic/aeroponic set up. This should allow a semi -automated process to run the prototype with a minimal human intervention requirement. We may keep the system running at this level and not automate further in order to have a simple, easier to integrate system. The control box will be situated above the battery bank (a single battery currently) . It will have an isolating switch followed by a large 35A automotive blade type fuse. In the initial testing of various circuits , these have just been wired up as a bit of a crows nest but this will be tidied up with the more controlled build. The main positive line will run into a mini “buzzbar” which will in turn have the positive wires run to the  automotive fuse box and then to individual led switches which will be colour coded for the various components within the build.  This will hopefully simplify and tidy up the current structure. Having already fried one pump the importance of fuses has been highlighted and noted.

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