Covid 19- any good news?

Everything has come to a bit of a standstill and we are bombarded on a daily basis with statisticsĀ  revealing more deaths and more people infected across the world and in South Africa.

We remain in contact with the community but can feel their suffering under the circumstances. An already poor community that now cannot generate any income or attend any formal work, reeling under the burden of the lock-down. However, it has made us even more determined to proceedĀ  with the water issue and the recovery of the borehole. The availability of on site food could make all the difference in times like these.

On a positive note there has been a slow down in pace and more time to ponder on issues, come up with ideas and a re- adjustment of values as to what is really important.

Please Lord protect the CradleArk community , help them and carry them through this

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