Container Foundations done

Finally the day arrived. The team was assembled Matthew, Thomas, Simon, James, John and Peter.  Then of course not to forget Samson, who lived up to the strength associated with his name. What an array of Biblical names.

The materials were ordered and due to arrive later that morning so the digging began in earnest. The trenches soon were nearly ready and the materials were delivered. The reinforcing was cut and fitted to the trenches.  We only had 50 litres of water available and knew we needed at least 100 litres to mix the concrete. We decanted the water into a drum and set off to get more from the local garage, only to be told that we couldn’t fill the entire container as it was too big. With a feeling of disappointment we headed back to the site only to find the municipal water delivery truck just ahead of us. His timing and provision was perfect and by lunchtime we had the foundations in the ground. Matthew lead us in prayer and the work was done. Praise the Lord.

We will let them settle and harden for two weeks.  Then for phase three, to build the supporting walls.

During the build we managed to visit Bethany house and collect a bakkie load of beautiful fresh broccoli for the Cradle Ark. Thank you Lord, and thank you to Bethany House for the excess and thank you the farmer who had donated it.

(Amazingly Ron called just before Fikile asked me to take her to Bethany House and I was able to get the address from him?)

Romans 8:31

“What, then, shall we say in response to these things?  If God is for us, who can be against us?”

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