Building the church

Its been over a month since we last touched base and despite covid we have been blazing on “full steam ahead.”

“Many are the plans of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand” Proverbs 19:21

Borehole salvage update

Our major priority at least in the “eyes of man” is the borehole and we believe so much can be achieved once this is sorted out. We have various donors waiting in the wings offering seed, agri-education ideas and so much more. However, although we continue to pray and battle on we keep being re-focused on other more immediate needs.

Matthew and Samson have been working on borehole number two, using an auger to try to remove all the offending material that was thrown down the borehole. They have made good progress and are approximately 8 metres down but still removing bricks as they go deeper. The Auger extension pole has now reached its limit and a new extension and drive need to be fabricated , so the project is on hold till that is ready.

Solar lights

The installation of the solar lights (the second set is up and we are working on a third set) has been a huge benefit to the community and those who are not in the lit up area have asked if we could add to the existing infrastructure. The exciting part of the lights is that another outreach likes the idea and wants to do similar installations at their site. The light generated can be a constant reminder to the community of our Lord Jesus.

We are currently revamping the design to be a more meaningful symbolic reminder and to make the poles as robust but a lot cheaper.

Insulated truck back conversion

We have also been working to make a door for the truck back which will become the first part of a home at Cradleark for pastor Matthew and is the continuation of the long standing idea of building a church building that can be used as a community hall, school and many other things. The back is well insulated and promises to provide a safe and cosy home to him and his family. It is also a continuation of the overall church build which really kicked off with the container and the truck back being delivered to Cradleark.

Rocket stove

The second generation rocket stove is also receiving more attention as winter closes in and whenever there are a spare few minutes this project is brought a little closer to finalization.

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