Breathing space

The field preparation, the irrigation pond, the sourcing of the irrigation fittings has been a whirlwind! It does not properly reflect the anxious moments and failures we have had prior to this year. The excitement of seeing the maize peeping through the soil makes one forget all the challenges we have faced and overcome with the Lord’s help.

The maize surfacing

The early attempt

In May of 2018 we experimented with a small vegetable garden situated next to the creche/church structure. The planting was met with enthusiasm and soon we had small rows of carrots and onions. We planted a lemon tree next to the vegetables. The garden did not make it to harvest. The single biggest problem was the water requirement. The community had water delivered on a weekly basis by the municipality and the limited resource meant no watering! We realised the shortcoming and spent many months trying to recover the boreholes on the property.

A DIY attempt at Borehole salvage

Borehole salvage – more of the same

Borehole salvage – a small hiccup we hope?

The soil

The soil at the CradleArk has stood fallow for several years before we ploughed . Testing done by the Gauteng department of Agriculture revealed fertile and diverse soil types. The addition of compost however, is a must. We have prepared a space to plant pumpkins and various squashes. I asked how the planting was progressing only to be begged for compost for the soil prior to the seeds being planted.

Compost donation

I felt despondent and said we should plant anyway. The very next day we were contacted by Quikgrow who donated 3 cubic meters. Thank you so much Lord for providing for us at the right time once again. Thank you to Quikgrow and their team.

Quickgrow delivery

Team health

Both Samson and Matthew have not been well for the last several days and once more the Lord has allowed me breathing space without any sense of guilt about the conflict of allocation of time and resources to the CradleArk and home. Matthew is already recovering and Samson is still battling. Please keep them both in your prayers.

Psalm 119:105

King James Version

105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

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