Borehole salvage – more of the same

We apologise for a relatively lengthy break from updating the latest developments at the Cradle ark. Numerous factors including a substantial upgrade of IT resources caused the break. Despite the break in feedback, a lot of positive steps have been taken at the CradleArk.

Our last attempt left off with the auger being used to remove the broken glass from one of the existing boreholes. We then reached a depth where our auger ran out of reach and stopped. Extensions were fabricated and then a further attempt to open the blockage was made. The extensions worked extremely well. A noticeable improvement we could use in salvage of the other borehole, funds permitting, would be a slightly larger diameter auger.

Auger extensions

We finally reached a blockage in the borehole which the auger, no matter what pressure we applied with very willing and strong volunteers, would not penetrate. This resulted in us resorting to using two large straight steel crowbars on ropes. We used these to break through a concrete plug on top of some bricks , which had been poured and set in the borehole. We then utilized a 4 metre steel pipe to smash and remove large chunks of concrete. Unfortunately, in the final move this pipe was dropped into the borehole. We now need assess if we can access the water whilst it is still in place.

Full pressure on the auger

Where to next?

Initially, we will first try to remove the pipe from where it is sitting approximately 15 metres below the surface. We have given this some thought and prayer and have fashioned a tool that we will use in our attempts. The tool has worked well in surface testing. We trust the Lord to give us the correct outcome when we try to utilize it in the borehole. The process of salvaging the borehole is exciting as learning is taking place. In a country that is so short of water and where more boreholes are being drilled to access groundwater resources , these skills will be most useful. We are also accumulating a set of tools to do so in the process.

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