Borehole salvage – a small hiccup we hope?

Well they say: “if at first you don’t succeed, then try and try again! Borehole salvage is definitely not for the impatient ! Our patience is inversely linked to the size of our budget, so we have to stick at the salvage attempts till we get it right. Tackling the broken glass in the borehole and Borehole salvage – more of the same

We spent a very hot afternoon trying to grab the pipe that fell down the borehole. Our usual adult volunteers were all still in an extended church service but we had plenty of willing helpers from the children. This did make it quite difficult as the double ropes were just waiting to catch a small foot!

What did we learn about borehole salvage?

The diameter of the grabber was significantly smaller than the borehole. The pole we wished to grab was leaning to the side and numerous attempts did not yield a result. On close inspection we could see where the pole had dented the lip of the grabber.

To highlight the impact markings caused by the pipe stuck in the borehole
Bottom lip of pipe grabber

Bad news for now?

We managed to get a tool past the pipe and this did not strike water? It came out covered in mud. The depth of the borehole is very shallow. We measured between 14 metres and 15 metres. We need to tweak the design of the “grabber”. Adding an angled flange will hopefully help direct the pipe into the centre of the grabber. At this stage the grabber has been acting like an oversized hammer! Not what we wanted. So it’s back to the drawing board and asking the team at CradleArk to pray for proper direction!

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