Black Soldier Fly (hermetia illucens)

This is going to be the toughest but very exciting part (to me anyway) of the project. It will involve building a trap for the BSF , then luring them into laying eggs inside the trap, letting these then hatch out for a starting larvae base. If this doesnt materialise over the next few months alternative breeding stock will then be sought. Once breeding the trick will then be to optimise the process and to keep the BSF from gettting wiped out over winter. It will unfortunately have to wait until the hoop house has been built for control of temperature and humidity! If we get this right the potential is massive from fish feed for the aquaculture, to processing the sludge from the fish tanks, to producing additional organic fertilisers and even a lead into a small bio diesel plant? It also could be instrumental in the human waste processing at the Cradle Ark

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