Avocado trees

Proverbs 11:25 A generous man will prosper; he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed

The visits to the CradleArk are more exciting each time. As I get closer the anticipation of seeing the crops growing fills my heart with joy. Being part of the CradleArk is very special ! This time I had a load of avocado trees inside the canvas canopy, along with bone meal and organic fertiliser.

The field of maize

Ed and I plan what we wish to tackle before arriving. This is done in consultation with Matthew, so that we have an idea of what was done since we were last there and so that we can bring the necessary tools, seeds or whatever it might be. This week we had decided on putting in six avocado trees, spaced seven metres (21 feet) apart. Expanding the planting and drip irrigation

We knew that there had been rain but did not know how much. On arrival it was straight to the rain-gauge. 3mm had fallen on Friday. It was not as much as we hoped for but we still were thrilled because it had come when the maize needed it. Thank you Lord!

Cosmos had come with Ed to help for the day as Samson is still recovering slowly. We decided to plant them parallel to the cultivated land. The soil on the incline next to the field is a beautiful deep red colour. The avocado trees are an experiment but I am feeling quite positive now, after seeing the fertile soil.

Cosmos in action
Look at this soil
Samson and the first avocado tree

Samson will be creating small structures around the trees to protect them. He will also be watering them so they can settle in. Time ran out so we did not run an irrigation line but plan to when we next get chance. Samson has also requested a tap next to the field for filling the watering can and cleaning tools .

The amount of work required is growing rapidly

Leaving Edwin and Cosmos on the Avocado run, we moved back to distributing compost into the new pumpkin patch. Matthew took on the task of planting all the pumpkin and butternut seed. Samson came to assist me with the potatoes in the fenced vegetable garden.

“Hilling” the potatoes

The potatoes are looking good and now as the growth increases it is necessary to keep adding soil. This helps the overall yield, reduces weeds and gives them better drainage. The seed potato came from Livingseeds. The quality of the seed potato has been amazing, as has all the different seeds that they have supplied. I am really keen to get some yummy sweet potatoes into the ground when the runners become available.

The potatoes showing good growth
A lesson in hilling
Samson in full swing despite being told to take it easy

With the first set of avocado trees planted, we will now monitor their progress. God willing , it will not be long before we return with more trees.


  1. Absolutely fantastic Pete, what a contrast to when some of us ladies visited a couple of years ago with Frikkie.
    Well done! We praise the Lord for your faithfulness to continue with this outreach project and may the Lord richly bless all the seed/plant/ produce and the hard working people who are taking responsibility with the food garden. God’s blessings and may He continue to provide that which is needed to make this sustainable. Julie

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