Aquaponics – useful or not

Anybody looking at the size of the Cradle Ark will question whether aquaponics is viable on this type of scale. I personally believe that it can expand over time to meet the requirements. It is a relatively expensive setup process and a reasonable amount of care and sophistication needs to be taken by whoever ends up running the plant. What I like is that it is water friendly and efficient. I also like the results and especially the lack of weeding! Weeding the first time is okay but the contious weeding on the Ark prototype is back breaking and boring. There are more exciting things to do. I like the yield capacity as well and look forward to tampering with the grow beds and possibly even vertical towers. I like the educational aspect for all concerned as well. I was fortunate enough to be lead to Henri Periera of MyAquaponics. I attended his practical course which really was impressive. A lot of misconceptions that I had were cleared up and that will be good for the build.

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