A week to remember

Roamns14:17 For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking but of righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

The CradleArk is nothing but a whole lot of smaller good deeds all thrown together for the glorification of our Lord. There are times when it seems unlikely that we will keep up with all the offers and donations of items. Somehow everything just falls into place. When we least expected it, the Lord suprised us with a week to remember.

Arnold, a longstanding donor and supporter

The extra mile – the Encedweni Educare Centre Signage

had collected a geo -membrane kindly donated to the Ark by http://www.kaytech.co.za We plan to use this as a filtration system inside the well to minimise the potential blockages in our drip irrigation line. It has come with some several warnings about correct application. We are looking forward to the installation, at which stage we will give more feedback.

We set goals for the upcoming weekend often without being fully aware of how much work needs to be done. It amazes me how much is achieved in such a short space of time when doing work for the Lord. This is despite our own limitations and shortcomings. I always make work lists so that I can systematically tick off various jobs to head towards a goal. Usually the work list exceeds the time available! As the CradleArk is developing the work is increasing significantly. Some of it is driven by the seasons and this cannot wait, as has been our experience with planting the land. As a result some things were postponed. We needed to collect a very nice gum-pole jungle-gym that David had kindly donated! He had warned me that it would be a big job!

A really cool jungle-gym

The jungle gym in question had been beautifully made and was put together with a lot of pride. What was really impressive was that every tyre had been cut carefully to allow the water to escape and most of the pieces were bolted together. We were grateful the Lord had provided rain the previous evening, as this made it a lot easier to remove the poles. No concrete bases! Thank you Lord!

Wow what a set-up!

Notwithstanding the bolts, it took several hot, tiring hours to disassemble and load ! Wow what a donation! We are going to have the most beautiful playground when we assemble at the CradleArk! Even though we piled both vehicles and the trailer with pieces we still need to go back and fetch some!

We still added a slide and a drum tunnel to this load!

A weeded vegetable garden

The Lord blessed us with 8mm of rain on Friday night. We were very excited to get to the CradleArk and see how the crops are faring! What a pleasure to arrive to a manicured, weeded vegetable garden. Thank you Lord for Samson and Matthew and there dedication!

The hilled potatoes looking promising

The maize is also growing well and each week we can see the progress. The impact of the compost is also noticeable. Thanks Quikgrow! There is only a small pile left and this soon will also be put to good use.

The avocado trees have survived their first week and although some are a little sunburned , they are all still alive. We will watch for another week or two and then start adding more! Thank you Lord!

What was meant to be a quiet week was anything but quiet, filled us with joy and turned out to be a week to remember!

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