A successful day

What a long, busy but exciting day. It started with a visit to Honeydew Nets and Covers where the MD discussed the pros and cons of the design for manufacturing the bio-gas bladder, that had been submitted by email. It was an interesting discussion and lead to a better understanding of the limitations of manufacture and the pitfalls of the design that had been submitted. In finishing the discussion was an offer to donate two soccer nets to the Cradle Ark was made.

Then it was off to the “wrecking yard”. Again  the Lord provided exactly what  was required in the form of an old satellite dish to allow the start of  the build of the solar furnace . The dish was old and filthy and we started with washing it , getting rid of any superfluous parts and dismantling it .

We were also fortunate to find some mirror spray paint at a very reasonable price at Gelmar, making the cost of the entire build a whole lot cheaper than anticipated.

We managed to get past the plumbing supplies and collect three heavy duty drain cleaning rods.  We are planning on constructing an enclosed auger type set up that will be driven by these rods, in an attempt to safely remove the broken glass filling the viable borehole at the Cradle Ark. A good search through the wrecking yard yielded a suitable piece of pipe which hopefully can be combined either with the round discs that we had previously acquired or alternatively with a root cutting auger.

We now have several sub-projects happening at the same time (whats new?) and will try to balance the build with the  reporting back to this blog, as our time is going to be eaten up. The field testing of these ideas will hopefully point the designs in the right direction.

Then of course on top of all these projects we are refining the Crossworm setup and simultaneously re- organising the shed to accommodate some of the basic electronics, that will be involved in a more sophisticated setup.

Then there is the design and manufacture of a suitable bracket for the smaller solar panel. Initially we will focus on a fixed angle but phase two will hopefully allow some adjustment of the panels angle.

We will try to document the various builds under the “how to tab” for those that like to give it a try on their own. Lots to look forward to.

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