A good rain

We have been blessed with a really good rain. 51mm fell in a gentle soaking way, just when we needed it. Thank you Lord. When you have a crop on the land it is so much more exciting to get rain! The mielies (corn) have settled well. What is even more pleasing is the incredible weeding job that Matthew and Samson have done. A large area to keep weed free! Well done guys!

Potatoes doing well in the background! Weed-free mielies

Avocado trees

The first batch of Avocado trees have survived the transition from molly coddled back garden to a hot, much drier field! Samson has started to add a protective cage and grass mulch around each tree! Great initiative. We delivered another 12 avocado trees to add to the existing group. Samson will be dealing with these during the week. I am planning on adding another irrigation line especially for the trees. We have also added a tap at the edge of the field to make any manual watering easier. It will also facilitate the cleaning of the tools after a hard days work.

The first Avocado tree that we planted looking healthy

Pumpkin and Butternut

The additional irrigation for the pumpkin and butternut looks to be helping. The young plants have come through quickly and we have quite a large area planted.

The rest of the jungle gym and a big trampoline

We also dropped off the rest of the jungle-gym we had started moving two weeks ago. A plastic sandpit and a large trampoline were also added and we will schedule an assembly in the new year!

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