Getting involved in the Cradle Ark project

Have you ever sat in church and asked God what you should be doing to glorify Him? Have you listened to outreaches and thought “too time consuming” or “too demanding.”

God does not expect you to perform miracles- that is His domain. All he wants is you to take the first little step and to trust Him.

The Cradle Ark project has so many different layers and angles that you can choose how to be involved in a capacity that excites you and suits your abilities. What can you do to help ?

As always the easiest option is a financial contribution but this is probably the least satisfying. (I know -I have taken that route before as I was a comfortable Christian attending church and paying my dues and hoping God would not call me to do something really difficult or stressful. Then I handed Him the steering wheel and waited. My destination was the Cradle of Hope and ultimately the Cradle Ark.)

If you do not or cannot help financially there are so many ways to help- any donation of food, clothing, materials, seeds, tools, labour, ideas and skills would assist greatly. It does not matter big or small, it all helps heading toward the ultimate self -sufficient food supplier. It will be hard work but it will be fun and very rewarding. Go ahead – take that one little step. Ask yourself- what do I enjoy doing – working with a chainsaw, growing vegetables, electronics, teaching , rearing fish – whatever it is we have something that you can do to help.We do not mind if you wish to help once a year or once a month- all help will be welcome.

Then there is the “cyber-alternative” of  simply logging onto the website from time to time, with the odd suggestion, idea, request or with some feedback. This helps guide us in the right direction and also helps with motivation. In addition it increases our website traffic and makes us more noticeable.

We also have a Pinterest page where a lot of ideas and possible solutions for the Cradle Ark are stored quickly so that we can go back for inspiration and help when needed.

Please feel free to contact us for any information.