Overview- a challenging task

The Cradle Ark project consists of just over fourteen hectares of prime agricultural land. It presently is in a state of neglect and has approximately 100 people living in various rundown structures on the property. It has four bore holes which are dysfunctional due to vandalism plus a concrete dam that has

trees and various grasses growing through the base.

There are various invasive plant species that need to be eradicated. There is a lot of misuse and litter present. There is also some river frontage but this is presently overgrown and would need a clean out.

The biggest challenge perhaps is the community established on the property and to get their buy in prior to any work taking place. The current strategy has been to identify “self appointed leaders” and to try to establish a trust relationship with them by visits and low value donations in the form of cold-drinks, sweets etc particularly aimed at the children.

This strategy will be expanded to primarily focus on the Church based leader and help him with upgrading the structure of his dilapidated church shelter. Whilst helping with the church the community council will need to be identified and met with to establish the broader needs of the community.