Vision and Mission

The Cradle of Hope  is a registered Non Profit Organization (NPO) focusing on assisting women and children in desperate need.

We offer HELP and HOPE regardless of race or religion, offering a “HAND-UP” and not a “HAND OUT”……………BECAUSE WE CARE!!!!

The Cradle Ark Self Feeding Initiative is a separate project of the Cradle of Hope registered Non Profit Organisation (NPO) and it thus has the same vision.


To empower less fortunate persons, the youth, aged, disabled,
jobless and uneducated to lead a meaningful and dignified life so
that they can fulfill their physical, spiritual, family, social, career
and financial needs and to enable them to pay it forward to others
from day to day.


To create and facilitate an environment to care for and mentor our “Vision” audience through a care centre where they will be provided with safe housing, healthy nutrition, medical services,education skills training, job creation, creative recreation and spiritual development on a sustainable basis.